Fuelling fertility and helping women’s hormone health issues, naturally


Life and Cycles Norwich

Welcome to Life and Cycles


If you’re a woman or couple firing up fertility for natural conception or want to boost chances of IVF success, you’re in the right place.

We also support women from puberty to menopause to reduce their sucky symptoms like irregular cycles, PMS, weight gain, hormonal headaches and breakouts, sleeplessness, stress and anxiety, hot flushes, flagging energy, brain fog and more.

Fertility Clinic Norwich


Whether you’re trying to conceive naturally or planning IVF, we help women and couples boost health and reduce stress to fuel fertility. Even if you‘ve been given an unhelpful label like “unexplained infertility”, PCOS or low sperm quality or suffered miscarriage, previously.

Hormone Health Norwich

Hormone Health

Irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, PMT/PDD, hormonal acne and migraines and more. We know that icky symptoms of hormone havoc can rule your life and feel like it’s ruining your life. We support women to rebalance and restore with our guidance and therapies.

Menopause Norwich


If you’re fed up with flushes, riding the rollercoaster of emotions, losing the battle with middle aged spread and desperate for a decent night’s sleep, you’re in the right place.  We help perimenopausal and menopausal get back their sparkle the natural way.

Here at Life and Cycles we have a natural approach to health.


Together, we use a powerful combination of diet, supplements, lifestyle advice, acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine tools, health coaching, hair mineral testing, homeopathy, herbs and cycle charting to help you reach your life and health goals.

AND we complement any treatment you’re having from conventional medicine practitioners.

We work from an oasis of calm in the bustling centre of Norwich, called Treat.

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How to Balance Hormones Part I

So, as you know, my job is helping women balance hormones through food and lifestyle choices and my natural therapies like homeobotanicals and homeopathy.  Regular readers will also know that I believe every woman is different and deserves to be treated that way....

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about working with us …

We followed your 7 Steps to Boost Fertility course and stopped beating ourselves up every month when we weren’t pregnant. Then totally out of the blue after over a year of disappointment, we finally had our positive pregnancy test. If it wasn’t for your lovely safe haven and the kick up the bum we needed, I don’t think we’d be looking forward to our little bundle. Sacrifice, yes. Worth it, most definitely. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Ms R

You got me motivated to keep pushing with the self-care. I’ve made some massive changes that have got me back in working order and my hot flushes under control.  Thank you.



Ms H