Did you know that Life and Cycles Kathy is accredited in the Liz Lalor fertility programme for preconception care?

No? Well I am.  Find out more right here!

I am fully trained in the Liz Lalor Fertility Programme.  There are still very few UK practitioners. I studied with Liz in London back in 2010 and feel very blessed.

Liz Lalor is a totally brilliant Australian Homeopath, Naturopath and renowned author. Liz developed a preconception care programme to support female fertility and reproductive health.  She has trained practitioners across the world. She’s an inspiration.

Her programme is based on good nutrition, lifestyle changes, supplements, herbs and a specific programme of homeopathic remedies which homeopaths believe work gently together. I am a registered homeopath (amongst my many talents and qualifications)

The programme begins with a full case-taking followed by specific guidance on food, fertility-supporting supplements, herbs and your own homeopathic programme.

I choose homeopathic remedies according to your particular health history, any diagnosis and test results, your unique symptoms and how you feel in yourself.

It usually runs for 4 months or more and – according to Liz – is best suited to women under age 42.  She and her trained practitioners generally enjoy good results in boosting the health of women under age 42.

We offer the Liz Lalor Fertility Programme as part of the Life and Cycles fertility support work.  Rebecca and I work together in 6 week “chunks”.  We review your food and lifestyle choices, make assessments according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and offer guidance, support and natural therapies to support body and mind on your path to parenthood.

If you’d like to find out more please visit our  Need Help/Fertility page   Or you can simply reach out and ask us a question – with no obligation – using our contact form. We Look forward to hearing from you and working with you.