People often ask our tips for getting pregnant.  And we’re here to give you the lowdown in this blog.

Planning to Get Pregnant?

Many want a quick fix or a magic wand, especially if they’ve been trying for a while and it hasn’t happened for them yet. We totally understand the frustration and drive.

Not many women or couples ask us before they plan a baby. We have very few who reach out to us because they want to clean up their act to get baby-fit or baby-ready.

We’re not sure why that is. Maybe its because when we’re young, we’re terrified into thinking that you can get pregnant at the drop of a hat (or knickers!)?  That’s not true, actually.

Maybe it’s because we’re not taught how food and lifestyle really affect our health and fertility? No-one shows us the impacts that modern living can take on our health and fertility.

And that’s where we come in. Trying to get pregnant is not just about throwing away your birth control, taking folic acid and having sex. By the way, get high quality methyl-folate anyway, because it’s much better.

We’d train if we signed up to run a marathon. People spend months planning events like weddings and holidays. We want to inspire more women and couples to plan a pregnancy. We also want to help more people who have already started on the path to parenthood.

Here are our top tips for getting pregnant.


Tips for Getting Pregnant #1  Eat a Fertility Friendly Diet

Our bodies need key nutrients for health and fertility and that applies to women and men.

Choose whole foods, not processed, packaged or takeaway. Get organic where possible; at least the foods which stoically contain most hormone harmers.

Ditch sugar.

Eat balanced meals and snacks (if you need them) of quality protein, healthy fats and the right carbs and choose a variety of healthy foods.

There are also health and hormone harmers lurking in our food packaging and in our cookware and other places! There are healthier ways to prepare and cook food.


Tips for Getting Pregnant #2  Choose a Fertility Friendly Lifestyle

Our lifestyle choices can impact health and fertility too. Caffeine and alcohol can harm fertility. Smoking and recreational drugs can impact fertility.

It’s a good idea to really look at the choices we’re making and take steps to make our habits more fertility friendly.


Tips for Getting Pregnant #3  Detox Your Life

I’ve talked already about health, hormone and fertility harmers in food and so on. There are harmful chemicals everywhere. They are in the soil our food grows in. There are chemicals in the food we eat – animal and vegetable. There are toxins in the air and water. We slather them on our skins in personal care products and breathe them in from our cleaning products and other places.

Some jobs are at greater risk than others.

We can arrange a simple hair test that highlights the most common toxic heavy metals.

Tips for Getting Pregnant #4  Look After Your General Health

Some health conditions can make falling pregnant tougher, like PCOS. But there are general health conditions and even prescribed medication or over-the-counter medications that can impact fertility.

We take a full health questionnaire which can provide clues to health and then suggest questions you might like to ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Tips for Getting Pregnant #5  Rest and Relax

We live in a busy, crazy, stressful modern world. Stress affects our hormone balance and can send our reproductive hormones haywire, impacting fertility.

It’s important to find ways to reducing pressure on ourselves and to find things that help us relax. That’s different for everyone. But binge watching Game of Thrones is not rest and relaxation.

Good quality sleep is also important for health and fertility.

Tips for Getting Pregnant #6  Know Cycles and Sex

Our cycles provide clues to what is going on inside our bodies and it’s good to take note of your cycle.

Some women use old fashioned methods and track temperature, mucus and position of the cervix and some use fancy apps to monitor fertility.  Please just choose a reliable app. A study in the US in 2015 showed that not all apps accurately predicted fertile days. Of 40 apps studied, 10 didn’t show fertile days accurately.

If you are familiar with your cycle, it’s possible to know when ovulation is about to occur and time sex accordingly.


Tips for Getting Pregnant #7  Pursue Tests

If you’ve been trying for a while and it’s not happening for you yet, it’s likely you’ll talk to your doctor and arrange tests.

Based on your case history, we can suggest which tests to speak to your GP about. For example, if you have signs of low thyroid, we might recommend you ask your doctor for a thyroid panel too.

It’s not just reproductive health that affects fertility.


Tips for Getting Pregnant #8  Get Support

That’s where we come in. You might be reading this list and yelling “arrrrrgghhhh where do I start”, but we’re here to help you.

We provide information, practical guidance, support, inspiration, recommendations and encouragement every step of the way to our clients.  Find out more by clicking here.

We are happy to work with other complementary therapists and, of course,  your main healthcare provider to help you conceive naturally or via IVF.