Health Coaching. Do you know what it is? Have you made an assumption about what it is? Do you know whether you’d benefit from health coaching or not?   Have you considered how it might complement other things you’re doing to improve your health, hormone balance or fertility?  If you’re curious, read on.

So let’s start with the important stuff.


Health Coaching is Complementary

Health Coaching isn’t an alternative to medical care. No complementary therapy can diagnose or treat a medical condition. Ethical practitioners always make this clear and encourage clients to maintain their relationship with their doctor for tests, diagnosis and conventional treatment options.

Health Coaches are not doctors.

Health coaching can be be very powerful for changing food choices and lifestyle habits and can be used alongside conventional treatments.

In fact, the amazing and visionary Dr Rangan Chatterjee from off the telly box (Doctor in the House) believes that qualified Health Coaches have a major role to play in health going forward. as part of an integrated health model.  Health Coaches can really help and support people to make changes to boost health. You know your doctor tells you to lose weight or reduce sugar or eat more healthily and hasn’t the time or resources to tell you why or how to do it? That’s where I come in!  Your doctor doesn’t have the opportunity to check in with you either to make sure you’re on track and to provide additional support or encouragement.

There are more health and wellbeing options than NHS doctors and nurses, alone.


Health Coaching Is Goal Centred

Health Coaching focusses on goals. YOUR goals. No-one else’s. Certainly not the coach’s.  It’s not airy fairy.  Or a nice “chat”, although I am nice, honestly. You can ask Rebecca. It’s about what you want to achieve and what you’re prepared to change to get there. It’s about plans and tracking progress and setting yourself up to succeed.


Health Coaching Involves Coach Input

Health coaching is NOT, however, about asking you lots of questions and expecting you to come up with all your own answers either.

Sure, I might ask you to clarify things, I might observe something about your choices  and ask if it’s okay to share it with you, I might ask you for your ideas, to identify any obstacles and make a commitment.

But I most certainly do offer my suggestions and really practical ideas that you can implement, based on my years of many training in health coaching, hormone health coaching, preconception care and natural therapies.

I know a lot of stuff that can really improve health, balance hormones and boost fertility.


Health Coaching Is Successful When You Take Action

Yup, I offer suggestions, I listen to your aims and challenges, we agree a plan and monitor it. Here’s the rub, YOU have to take the actions to meet your goals. I can help, support, question, reflect, review and even challenge you (nicely of course) but if you don’t follow through on the plan you run the risk of staying stuck right where you are now.

Take positive action and you can change your health and life. Fact.  And people usually find that easier with some help and support.


Health Coaching Is a Process

That sounds really dullsville, but it’s not really. Health coaching is a two-way process. Roughly speaking, it follows these steps:-

  • We establish our relationship and rapport and the basis on which we’ll work together or the ground rules if you like, like how often we’ll meet or how we’ll contact one another and when.
  • We meet, we talk with a broad agenda. It’s not rigid, though. We discuss your issues, your goals, possible solutions/actions, any obstacles and we agree a way forward for you with my help. It’s upbeat and positive, not dreary and heavy.  I’m a cheerleader, a pragmatist, an encourager, a BS detective (well, we all need nicely calling out on our own BS sometimes) not the Health Police of Extreme Measures or a “mate” either.  You hire me to maximise your chances of success.
  • We meet again to discuss progress, celebrate the wins with high fives all round, tweak the plan or even set new goals and plans.


Now, I prefer to work with women (and couples for fertility) to boost health, harmonise hormones and fuel fertility. That’s my sweet spot for coaching to help people improve food and lifestyle choices. And I offer this (and some natural therapies like herbal tinctures, homeopathy, cycle charting) working with Rebecca here at Life and Cycles. She has the healing hands offering acupuncture, acupressure and even more Traditional Chinese Medicine practices, supporting all manner of emotional, mental and physical complaints. But we major on women’s fertility and health, of course.

Get in touch if you want to know more OR this sounds right up your street.  We offer no obligation, free chats. Let’s start moving YOU closer to your health and life goals.